This weapon was in pretty bad shape. Moisture had gotten under the metal butt plate and the butt stock had started to rot. The barrel and tube magazine had many rust pits with several being fairly deep. Finally, the front half of a shell was stuck in the chamber rendering this weapon useless. The customer’s goal was to remove the stuck shell and restore the condition of the surfaces as best as possible preventing further disintegration.

This is a Winchester 94 chambered in 44 magnum. There was half of a shell stuck in the chamber that I had to remove. After that, I did the following:

  1. Total disassembly and thorough cleaning of the metal parts.
  2. Cleaned the butt stock and forearm stock.
  3. Steamed the stocks to remove any deep indentations.
  4. Applied two coats of polyurethane to the stocks.
  5. Conditioned and waxed the stocks.
  6. Removed the rust and old bluing from the metal parts.
  7. Polished the metal parts removing as many of the rust pits as possible.
  8. Removed burrs from the screw heads, recut the screw slots and polished the screw heads.
  9. The old screw holes for the now missing scope mount were retapped and dummy screws were inserted to keep dirt and debris out of the action.
  10. Used a cold blue method on the metal parts. (The receiver had been powder coated and was not stripped, polished or reblued).
  11. Reassembled the weapon.