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Restoration Firearms is proud to be your dealer for the Multiple Impact™ Bullet, the shotgun and handgun ammunition you need for self-defense when being accurate is a matter of life and death.

Forced to protect ourselves and our families from intruders, even the most highly trained among us can lose our concentration when the adrenaline starts to flow. Through state-of-the-art technology, the Multiple Impact™ Bullet greatly improves the chances of hitting your target when and where it counts the most. Exclusive Multiple Impact™ Bullet technology provides a revolutionary combination of accuracy and high-hit probably.

The Multiple Impact™ Bullet features Instant Expansion™ Technology. Because of its revolutionary design, the Multiple Impact™ Bullet combines the accuracy of a spin-stabilized bullet with increased hit probability and stopping power of buckshot.

By adjusting the mass and density of the material used to make Multiple Impact™ Bullet ammunition, three primary types of ammunition providing different levels of stopping power have been developed:

Fully lethal Mi-Stopper™
Made of high-density materials and propelled at the highest speed possible, this ammunition provides a one-shot kill.

Semi-lethal Mi-Stunner™
Made of medium-density materials and a fired at mid-velocity to high-velocity speeds, this ammunition is meant to stun or knock down an individual without causing major injury.   However, the person struck would require professional medical attention.

Less-lethal Mi-Stinger™
Made of low-density materials and propelled at a lower velocity, this ammunition delivers a very painful sting that enables the gun owner to take charge of the situation. At a minimum first-aide attention will be required.

Watch this video, during which Todd Kuchman, co-founder and president of Advanced Ballistics Concepts, explains how the Multiple Impact™ Bullet is the ammunition of choice when you can’t afford to miss. Make Restoration Firearms your source of this revolutionary technology.

Multiple Impact™ Bullet ammunition from Restoration Firearms

Multiple Impact™ Bullet ammunition for 12-gauge shotguns
 • Mi-4 Pulse™ (Lethal) Stopper™
(Optimal 24-inch instant spread pattern)
• Mi-4 Pulse™ (Semi-lethal) Stunner™
• Mi-4 Pulse™ ( Less-lethal) Stinger™

Multiple Impact™ Bullet ammunition for 45-caliber ACPs
“The power of buckshot from a handgun”
• Mi-3 Pulse™ (Lethal) Stopper™
(Optimal 14-inch instant spread pattern)
• Mi-3 Pulse™ (Semi-lethal) Stunner™
• Mi-3 Pulse™ (Less-lethal) Stinger™

Coming soon

9-millimeter Multiple Impact™ Bullet ammunition
 • Mi-3 Pulse™ (Lethal), aka Stopper™
(Optimal 14-inch instant spread pattern)

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Because you can’t afford to miss.

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